Last month I had a very important day to make my future different. After I and TC decided to cut our relation down, I was looking to find the good place to go and finally, after getting a few offers I signed one and I am so happy to join them as a very big company in the market, great environment and so on.

So as my last days in my current seat was checking some projects I’ve spent time and done it for goods. I found some drama in those, some stories that I was fighting for them with lots of experiences and memories with good people.

The project I’ve done proudly is to redesign the sign-up flow for customers and companies on the platform. It was a big thing and I faced some challenges. the biggest challenge I had was making domain verification easier. I’ve searched and studied a lot to find a solution.

So I had thoughts about using 3rd party API’s to verify the domain, like Google Webmaster, Pinterest, Shopify and the other hand our sales team was keen to have a call with customers. so we need a manual verification as well.

According to another persona, if anyone (scams) claim a business profile what the real owner of the business should do?

It was a good start to re-build the sign-up flow to increase the conversion rates and the number of registration. It was a good result on the back of this flow.

Before I start or even request to spend time on it, it was like the holy flow that no one could touch it, but it was a necessary action to reach the goals.

I had a great time with my teammates, Karina and Saranya during this project and they were a real player for this happen.

It was a good project as my first in team. I’ve done this in October 2016 and it’s fine to share it just here. 🙂